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The Alt-Right Godfathers

With Trump’s surprise victory along, with Republicans taking control of the House and the Senate, the political and criminal machine known as Hillary Clinton has been defeated for good. Sadly, what this victory has done has solidified many chambers of the GOP as a nationalist, welfare state faction.

Who are the people Trump will surround himself with? Well here are his closest friends for starters…


Steve Bannon


Steve Bannon represents everything moderates, libertarians, and progressives hate about the right wing. Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart, secretly colluded with not just the Trump campaign in the primaries before becoming his campaign chairman, but along with the DNC in order to take out conservative starts Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Bannon has also stated he intends for Breitbart to be the voice of the Alt-Right.

Alex Jones


From lizard people to weather machines, Jones has claimed the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11, Marco Rubio was gay, and many other ridiculous claims. When Trump gave Jones legitimacy by going on his show, he created a groupie for life who would lie for him in every form possible. By hitching his wagon to Trump, the Alt-Right army of Trump has given him a smear force no one can truly understand the impact of.

Roger Stone


Stone is a person with no moral compass at all, and will do anything and everything to gain power. A relic of the Nixon administration, Stone is a sociopath and political operative who will do anything and everything to win. In the 2016 election alone, Stone was responsible for the smear campaign that attempted to claim Ted Cruz’s father was tied to the JFK assassination.


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