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Ron Paul Exposes “Populism”

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a former 2008 presidential candidate, gestures during a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008, with third-party candidates to call for greater inclusion of candidates beyond the Republican and Democratic majorities. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The Democrats promised us large level socialism, and many Republican leaders have simply promised it in a different package. Former Congressman Ron Paul recently penned a piece for CNN which explains what this clown show is really about.

Demagogues rush to use the dreadful economic conditions to their political advantage. However, the solutions offered by so many opportunistic politicians aren’t really solutions at all. The proposals are always laced with promises that government will “do something” to fix the problem.
Unfortunately, most people still fail to understand that the economic pain they are suffering is the government’s doing in the first place. Government monetary, economic and trade policies lie at the root of the problem. The lack of a free market, sound money and genuine private property rights inhibit the return of economic prosperity. This widespread lack of understanding leads those who fall for the siren song of populism down a road of perpetual disappointment.
You can read the full article at CNN.
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