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Podcast: Tiana And Brian Hendrix Talk Genetics & Culture (Pt. 1)

In this two-part interview on the Unapologetic Podcast, Tiana is joined by special guest Brian Hendrix, a writer for Halsey News Network and author of the book, “The Genetic Roots of Culture: How Culture Results from Genetic Behaviors.”

Many people can’t seem to define what “culture” is in a societal sense, and seem to be operating under the vapid delusion that it is nothing more than surface characteristics (i.e. food, clothing, music). Far too many believe that race and culture are social constructs. But Brian has other ideas about culture and race stemming from evolutionary biology and genetics. And they make quite a lot of sense.




Brian’s website:

Direct link to Brian’s book:


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Tiana Dalichov is an educator, historian, and author. She is also the host of the Unapologetic Podcast. You can find more of Tiana's work at

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