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Meet Remso

Remso W. Martinez is a political commentator and campaign consultant living in the D.C. area. Remso is best known for his podcast the Remso Republic, which reaches thousands of listeners each month across many on-demand platforms and several networks. Remso’s show combines pop culture and politics in a way which confronts the current culture by informing listeners as to why traditional conservative values, and a libertarian approach to government, can create a societal climate that is open to free minds and free markets.

Remso’s blogs have also been featured and cited by numerous sites such as FreedomWorks, The Libertarian Republic, The Blaze, HotAir,, Newsbusters, The Liberty Conservative, the Jason Stapleton Program, The Libertarian Institute, and Hypeline.


At age 17, Remso described himself as Mitt Romney’s “worst volunteer.” After becoming disillusioned with the GOP after the 2012 election for it’s failure to be either fiscally responsible or constitutionally bound, Remso slowly transitioned from a typical conservative into a libertarian, eventually finding an even balance between his deeply held traditionalist beliefs and his laissez-faire approach to common sense government.

In 2014, Remso was a Cato Institute Bastiat scholarship recipient and was able to attend the Cato Institute’s annual Cato University summer seminar. During that time Remso became fascinated by the classical liberal worldview that touched economics, foreign policy, law, and governance. Remso would return to school from Cato University and start Marion Military Institute’s first student led libertarian organization.

During the years to follow Remso worked for several well known organizations while also being a full time college student. His first job in D.C. was as a grassroots activism intern at FreedomWorks, where he was also a contributor to their education reform blog. The following summer in 2016, Remso interned at the Media Research Center, where he worked in the News Analysis Division where he contributed to Newsbusters and MRC TV.

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Remso’s true passion was found in community organizing which led his path into campaigning. A Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator alumni, Remso was able to transfer his knowledge of grassroots and student activism into a way to influence local, state and federal politics. Remso’s first campaign was as a policy analyst for Libertarian candidate for Virginia House of Delegates Brian Soujanen. Remso was instrumental in the Soujanen campaign’s platform development, which shaped the race’s narrative by causing the Democratic and Republican candidates to follow Soujanen’s model for civil asset forfeiture reform.

In October of 2015 halfway through his first campaign, Remso was the first to accept a staff position from The Libertarian Republic CEO Austin Petersen’s grassroots fueled long shot primary campaign for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination against two-term New Mexico governor and 2012 Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and software pioneer and McAfee anti-virus creator John McAfee. Remso left the Petersen campaign in February to pursue other efforts, and later joined a small collective of libertarian commentators in order to promote Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s bid for the GOP nomination.

In March of 2016 Remso became the campaign manager for Independent-conservative candidate Albert Billingsly in his bid for Lynchburg, Virginia’s third ward city council seat against three term incumbent Republican Jeff Helgeson and Democrat Charleta Mason. Remso set the pace for the race by leading an aggressive student activist campaign along with utilizing social media in order to get the race national attention as Billingsly promoted drawing back and eventually eliminating the Meals Tax, which was the largest in the commonwealth of Virginia.

After the tough election in Lynchburg, Remso took time off from full time campaigning and became a graphic design and commercial production consultant for various campaigns. It wasn’t too long until Remso took on his final campaign role by accepting a position as chapter director for  Liberty University Students for Tom Garrett, a campus chapter which mobilized volunteers for State Senator Tom Garrett’s successful congressional campaign.

Remso and his producer Ryan attempt to use the Remso Republic as a vehicle for conversation as he attempts to use his time in the political arena to find answers to today’s most controversial issues plaguing our nation.

What People Are Saying

“Remso has hit the proverbial sweet spot for politically minded young adults with the Remso Republic. His ability to mix intelligent discussion with sarcastic humor makes listening both informative and enjoyable.”

~John Hoop, former candidate for California State Assembly

 “If the United States of America was more like the Remso Republic, we would all have freer markets, freer minds, and a rip-roaring good time solving the world’s problems through open discourse, fellowship, and positive action. The Remso Republic is a must listen to podcast for anyone, but especially conservatives flirting with libertarianism.”
~Joey Clark, host of the Joey Clark Radio Hour

Opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Remso’s employer.