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Meet Remso

Remso W. Martinez is a political commentator, campaign consultant, and multi-media producer living in the D.C. area. Remso is best known for his podcast the Remso Republic, which reaches thousands of listeners each episode across many on-demand platforms and networks.

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Remso’s blogs have also been featured and cited by numerous sites such as The American Conservative, FreedomWorks, The Libertarian Republic, TheBlaze, HotAir,, Newsbusters, Being LibertarianRedTea News, The Rouser, The Libertarian Institute, The Republican Standard, and Halsey News.



2012– Remso loses election for President of the Centerville High School Coalition of Young Conservatives to the same dude who was the secretary of the Young Democrats, also that same year is self-titled “Mitt Romney’s worst volunteer,” immediately goes on journey of self discovery.

2013- Remso Googles “libertarian”, life gets weird after that…


  • Receives scholarship to attend Cato University.
  • Begins working at The Libertarian Republic.
  • Joins Libertarian Party
  • Starts Marion Military Institute’s first libertarian student organization


  • Grassroots activism intern at FreedomWorks and contributor for their education reform column.
  • Joins Libertarian candidate Brian Suojanen for Virginia House of Delegates as the head policy analyst.
  • Becomes a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator.


  • Oct 15-Feb 16: Volunteer Coordinator and interim Campaign Manager for Libertarian Austin Petersen’s Presidential campaign.
  • Oct 15-March 16: Graphic Designer for Republican Becky Gerritson for Congress.


  • News Analysis Division intern at the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters & MRCTV
  • Campaign Manager for Independent Albert Billingsly for Lynchburg City Council.
  • Remso and Ryan Martinez launch the Remso Republic podcast.
  • Becomes the Liberty University Campus Chairman for Republican Tom Garrett for Congress.
  • Joins the Republican Liberty Caucus.


  • Remso wins the Being Libertarian Jefferson Liberty award.
  • Remso Republic launches it’s first spinoff series “Live Free & Grow” hosted by Jason Carrier.
  • Remso co-produces and co-hosts Gun Owners of America’s first podcast, “Firing Back” with Erich Pratt.
  • Remso and Ryan produce their first documentary “Haunted Republic: St. Albans Sanatorium.”
  • The Remso Republic podcast becomes a nominee for news & politics for the 2017 Podcast Awards.
  • Remso becomes co-producer for the Leading Liberty Podcast with Jenn Gray.
  • Remso joins The American Conservative as an Editorial Assistant tasked with multi-media management.
  • American Statesman: The Nick Freitas Story” premiers online and marks Remso’s first solo documentary.
  • Wrote and starred in the Liberty Force radio drama produced by the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad



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What People Are Saying

“Remso has hit the proverbial sweet spot for politically minded young adults with the Remso Republic. His ability to mix intelligent discussion with sarcastic humor makes listening both informative and enjoyable.”

~John Hoop, former candidate for California State Assembly

 “If the United States of America was more like the Remso Republic, we would all have freer markets, freer minds, and a rip-roaring good time solving the world’s problems through open discourse, fellowship, and positive action. The Remso Republic is a must listen to podcast for anyone, but especially conservatives flirting with libertarianism.”
~Joey Clark, host of the Joey Clark Radio Hour

Opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Remso’s employer.